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ID no. of MS BITECA manid 1830
City and Library London The British Library
Collection: Call Number IA.52542 | Antic G.52542
Printed Barcelona ,  1493-09-18 by Johannes Rosenbach     
Writing surface Paper
Format 4t
Leaf Analysis ff.: 69 (= II + 66 + I)
Collation a-g8 h10
Page Layout 27 línies (f. a iij)
Size pàgina 185 × 130 mm (f. a iij)
caixa 134 × 95 mm
Font gòtica de diverses mides
Pictorial Elements Caplletres: gravades (en manquen algunes)
Il·lustracions setze xilografies
Condition foliació moderna en xifres aràbigues al marge interior. Sense errades a les signatures de quadern
Binding enquadernat en pell verda amb daurats al segle XIX per Clarke and Bedford (segell al f. Iv de guardes). Tall daurat
Previous owners Thomas Grenville, bibliòfil (1755-12-31 - 1846-12-17)   ( G. 10225) (coat of arms: S) (superlibris als plans)
Associated persons les xilografies sós atribuïbles a: Pere Borges
Note nota de Sir. Th. Grenville al f. ii: “Carcer d'Amor. Jo. Rosenbach. 4 Barchelona 1493. This book appears to be entirely unknown, There is no trace of it to be found in Mendez, Antonio, or any of the Catalogues seen by me. Mendez quotes two other works printed by J. Rosenbach but does not know this Carcer. Brunet, who quotes several editions, never heard of this. The earliest quoted by Salva is 1553. Venetia (…). Brunet Supp.: quotes an edition of Burgos 1496 as the first, not knowing of my Copy of Barcelona 1493. I have also the first Italian translation by Manfredi 1513, and also the first English by L. Berhers Hyer [?] s.a. a book of very rare occurrence”. L'exemplar de la Hispanic Society esmentat per Penney és un facsímil. Sense anotacions de lectors
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Internal Description Number of texts: 1